Madison Area Technical College (MATC) was ready and waiting when the NAFTC launched its First Responder Safety Training: Hybrid Electric Vehicles workshop. With both an automotive program, that includes an alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle focus and a fire service program, the NAFTC workshop was a perfect fit for MATC.

Jeff Minter, Automotive Instructor, and MATC’s NAFTC member representative, estimates that over 1,000 first responders have attended the workshop since March 2008, when MATC added the first responder hybrid training to its line-up. “We’ve taught 40+ classes and our students have been made up of fire, EMS, police, automotive instructors, and fire instructors,” said Minter. “Instructors from our automotive program and our fire service program always team teach the classes, that way we have someone there that can answer car questions, as well as fire questions if necessary.”

MATC prius

MATC’s Prius is used for both the automotive program and their team-taught hybrid first responder workshops. NAFTC photo.

Recently the two programs worked hand in hand to rebuild a hybrid vehicle for use in the first responder training and for additional use in the automotive program. The vehicle, a totaled Prius, was repaired at the school, with help from local sponsors Jon Lancaster Toyota and Whelen Engineering. “The car is going to have multiple uses” said Minter. “First and foremost we will be taking it out to do the First Responder classes since we do them all on location. That way the first responders can experience idle stop, etc. We will also be using it for promotion of our program, and other automotive classes.”

Congratulations MATC for training the most first responders utilizing the NAFTC First Responder Safety Training: Hybrid Electric Vehicles curriculum

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