A new community projected to provide approximately 50,000 homes to residents just south of Orlando, Florida is being developed that will implement sustainable agriculture. Planners in the process of developing the community are focusing on developing a plan of the best crops for energy production and those that do not require fertilizer intensive farming practices.

The team of leaders includes Destiny founder Anthony V. Pugliese, III who oversees a staff of over 135 employees working on the project. Mr. Pugliese gained his expertise from owning The Pugliese Company, a land development company. Another major player in the Destiny project is Fred DeLuca, Co-Founder of Subway restaurants. Mr. DeLuca, who seems to have the capability to determine potential success, partnered with Pugliese to purchase the 41,300 acres of land, and has served a very crucial role in the early stage of the Destiny project. Destiny’s Chief Operating Officer Randy Johnson is currently leading the project in planning stages working to bring business and agriculture together in this revolutionary community. Other leaders of the project include Global Renewable Energy and the University of Florida who are currently planning and testing 20 acres of sweet sorghum. The state is working toward finding an alternative to citrus cultivation which leaves the land in Florida unable to sustain agriculture after being used. The chosen energy fuels will provide fuel, power and money to its community members.


Shown here is Camelina, a biomass crop planned for growth in Destiny that can be used for biodiesel production. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org.

The plans of Destiny are not organized as a city, but rather as a community, unincorporated in Florida’s Osceola County. The plan for the 50,000 home community was developed to ensure the usage of mass-transit to eliminate the need for multiple automobiles in a household. The sustainable community will produce its own energy crops, generate its own power, and reduce carbon in its agricultural processes. The commitment of the project leaders, to integrate research and community involvement, makes Destiny the foundation and prototype for many more communities to come.

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