The NAFTC welcomed members of the popular public television show, MotorWeek, in conjunction with U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) representatives, as they completed emissions testing and fuel economy comparisons on multiple alternative fuel and conventionally fueled vehicles. The testing referred to as the ” Clean Power Drive” began in Frederick, MD and concluded at the NAFTC Headquarters in Morgantown, WV.

The DOE Clean Cities program has been working with MotorWeek for some time to produce program segments promoting alternative fuels and energy independence. The ” Clean Power Drive” segment began airing early this month. A schedule for the MotorWeek broadcasts, including this segment can be found on the MotorWeek Web site at

motorweek at naftc

MotorWeek completed their Clean Power Drive at the NAFTC Headquarters in Morgantown, WV. Pictured here with NAFTC Executive Director Al Ebron, is the Clean Power Drive Team including DOE representatives Steve Richardson, Kay Milewski, Dennis Smith, Scott Minos, and Jerry Gibbs, with MotorWeek producer Dave Scrivener, and crewmembers Brian Robinson, Dave Durso and Dave Hunter. NAFTC Photo

“The NAFTC was very pleased to welcome the MotorWeek team as well as DOE representatives to our national headquarters,” said NAFTC Executive Director Al Ebron. “The emissions testing and fuel economy comparisons conducted will provide essential information for the alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle industry. These tests will not only prove the efficiency of AFVs and advanced technology vehicles, but also will help the public make educated decisions on their future vehicle purchases.”

The DOE/MotorWeek team also attended and shot footage of the NAFTC’s First Responder Safety Training: Hybrid Electric Vehicles workshop that took place on the day of their visit. This footage will be aired on a separate MotorWeek broadcast during the second week of June.

MotorWeek producer Dave Scrivener added: “We’ve been hearing about the great training programs developed and conducted by the NAFTC for some time, and have been looking for an excuse to visit. Our Clean Power Drive provided the perfect opportunity, and fortunately, since the NAFTC’s first responder training coincided with our arrival, we were able to offer our Tahoe and Civic hybrid vehicles as demo units for the class.”

dennis smith at naftc

Dennis Smith, DOE Clean Cities Director, worked closely with the MotorWeek team to coordinate the Clean Power Drive. He also served as one of the drivers for the testing. NAFTC Photo

“Although alternative fuel and hybrid powered vehicles drive exactly the same as regular vehicles, there are some significant differences that maintenance technicians and public safety officials need to be trained on, like how to safely work with higher voltage batteries and fuels that react differently than gasoline in case of spills or leakage if the vehicle is in an accident. The expert training that the NAFTC provides is extremely important” added Dennis Smith, DOE Clean Cities Director.

Visit the MotorWeek Web site for information on show times in your area. Read the article “Fuel Economy in the Real World,” by MotorWeek’s John Davis that highlights the emissions testing and visit to the NAFTC, here.

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