NAFTC Executive Director Al Ebron presented on “The Latest Advancements in Green Technology as it Relates to Alternative Fuels and Advanced Technology Vehicles,” at the Automotive Training Managers Council (ATMC) Spring Conference held April 21-23, in Indianapolis, IN. ATMC is a professional organization created for the exchange of training ideas and strategies helpful to both technical and sales training professionals. ATMC and its members provide an invaluable service to the industry through research and publications related to training and human performance technology issues in the automotive field. The NAFTC is a member of ATMC, and Ebron is the past president of the organization.

al at atmc conf

NAFTC Executive Director Al Ebron was presented with a thank you gift by ATMC first vice president Allan Stanley, after making his presentation at the Spring ATMC Conference in Indianapolis, IN. NAFTC Photo

ATMC offers spring and fall conferences each year to facilitate networking and the exchange of ideas for its members. The Conference’s theme was “Green Technology.”

Lincoln Technical Institute hosted the organization as members came together for many informative presentations focusing on the latest in clean transportation technology and alternative fuel technology. The group also toured Lincoln Technical Institute’s racing facility.


ATMC Conference attendees visited the Lincoln Technical Institute’s racing facility. NAFTC Photo

Ebron’s presentation included the latest advancements in green vehicle technology and discussions on coal gasification, coal to liquids (CTL), cellulosic ethanol, and algae biodiesel. Ebron concluded his presentation with discussions on the great strides the automotive industry has made and continues to make related to green technology, challenges still faced by the industry, and the NAFTC’s contributions to green technology through its alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle curricula and training programs.

For more information visit the ATMC Web site.

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