IKEA Canada, the Swedish-based home furnishing supplier, is offering two preferred parking spaces for alternative fuel vehicles in each of its eleven locations across the country. These spaces will be located near the handicapped and family parking with increases depending on customer response and hybrid vehicle use. IKEA has always shown concern and commitment for efficient transportation of employees and customers by locating stores close to public transit. The company considers this and the addition of the preferred parking spaces as a reward for customers who are adjusting their lifestyles to aid the environment.


Ikea Stores in Canada are offering preferred parking to those with alternative fueled vehicles. Credit: wikipedia.org

Debbie McDowell, Corporate Communications Manager said, “This initiative is just one part of IKEA’s overall environmental commitment to finding business solutions that have an overall positive impact on the people and areas [where] we have stores. Our customers who drive hybrid and fuel efficient cars are helping us realize this approach and we are very excited to reward them for their commitment to the environment with preferred parking and a more convenient shopping experience.”

Preferred parking is only one way IKEA is showing commitment to the environment. A shuttle service is offered in which the routes are similar to public transportation. Stores also have an anti-idling policy requiring customers to turn off their vehicles while loading in the pick up zone. The company also seeks cost-effective transportation by minimizing the distance from the supplier to the store which reduces the cost for IKEA and ultimately the customer. The efficient transportation is aided by packaging the product in flat packs which allows larger quantities to be transported per trip.

For more information on this and other ways IKEA shows concern for the environment, visit their Web site.

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