The National Hydrogen Association’s (NHA’s) Hydrogen Education Foundation has launched a nationwide campaign to increase knowledge of hydrogen. Part of this campaign is a Web site,, which uses simple terms to explain multiple hydrogen products including vehicles and fuel cell technology.

“While many people identify hydrogen as a universal alternative fuel, in general, the public doesn’t yet understand how hydrogen can relate to them. The H2 and You program is designed to help anyone grasp how hydrogen can be made and how its adoption is already having a positive impact on our lives,” said Jeffrey A. Serfass, President of the National Hydrogen Association and the Hydrogen Education Foundation.

h2 and you

The home page of the National Hydrogen Association’s Hydrogen Education Foundation Web site is part of its nationwide campaign to increase awareness of hydrogen. Image from has information on various uses of hydrogen power in industry. For instance, some heavy-duty trucks in America are partially fueled by hydrogen which reduces their pollution by 15-75 percent. Companies are starting to use hydrogen-fueled forklifts indoors to increase productivity and reduce greenhouse gases. Some auto manufacturers are testing pre-commercial hydrogen vehicles.

The Web site also contains a question of the month, a list of top 10 things to remember about hydrogen, videos, and other hydrogen articles.

“One of the things we would like people to take away from our H2 and You campaign is the significance of hydrogen energy and how its long-term adoption can benefit us all. Hydrogen will play a substantial role in the areas of greater energy security, a cleaner environment, and stronger economic growth,” said Serfass.

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