Daimler Auto Group and Ford Motor Company have announced that they are uniting to form a new company, Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (AFCC). This privately-held company will focus on automotive fuel cell technology. Ballard Power Systems is also a stakeholder in AFCC, however, Ballard will focus on the marketing of non-automotive fuel cell applications. Daimler AG will be the majority stakeholder of the company with a share of 50.1 percent, Ford Motor Company will hold a 30 percent stake, and Ballard Power Systems will hold the remaining 19.9 percent.

“Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation will orient its activities even more intensively to the specific requirements we make on fuel cell stacks,” said Dr. Herbert Kohler, Daimler AG’s Chief Environmental Officer. “With the newly-founded company, we strengthen our leading position in the field of fuel cell technology and go full steam ahead in our preparations for the series production of fuel cell cars.”


Ford recently demonstrated its hydrogen fuel cell-powered car at West Virginia University during a special event hosted by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium. Ford’s partnership with Daimler AG and Ballard will allow the companies to further develop fuel cell technology. NAFTC photo

“The fuel cell remains one of the most viable solutions to develop a sustainable, zero-emissions vehicle,” added Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, Vice President for Research and Advanced Engineering at Ford. “The creation of the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation is an investment in our future. Fuel cells are the technology of the future and we are happy to be working with a great partner like Daimler to advance this technology. Through this partnership, we will work even harder to make fuel cell technology even more reliable and affordable for the future.”

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