Dear Friends:

As many of us know, hybrids are becoming increasingly popular on the roads today. This is great news for the environment and those of us in the alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicle industry! One of the many reasons behind the growth of hybrids is their excellent fuel efficiency. To attest to this benefit, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has released estimates on U.S. hybrid vehicle fuel savings since their introduction in 1999. You can learn more about its report by reading the story, “NREL Releases U.S. Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fuel Savings Estimates.” In addition, you can learn more about the differences among battery electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the latest installment of “Let’s Clear the Air.”

As we say goodbye to summer, I fondly remember the NAFTC’s summer business meeting in Gardiner, Montana, and the gorgeous scenery of Yellowstone National Park. While that trip was productive and enjoyable for all involved, even more of an adventure was had by Larry Taylor of Kalamazoo Valley Community College, one of the Consortium’s National Training Centers. Larry and his wife both drove across the country in a biodiesel-fueled pickup truck to attend the meeting! More information on their travels can be found in the eNews story, “KVCC Member Representative Makes Biodiesel-Powered Trip to Yellowstone.”

The use of alternative transportation, whether it is via hybrid vehicles, biodiesel-powered pickups, and everything in between, is becoming more feasible for consumers with each passing day. Please contact the NAFTC if we can answer any questions or be of assistance to you in any way.


Al Ebron
NAFTC Executive Director

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