Al Ebron, NAFTC Executive Director, and Judy Moore, NAFTC Assistant Director – Communications, participated in the Clean Cities Joint Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 27–29. The meeting provided a forum for Clean Cities coordinators and industry experts to share information, tools, and experiences for the purpose of facilitating Clean Cities and alternative fuel-related activities to ensure success of the petroleum reduction programs within the regions.

Clean Cities meeting image

NAFTC Executive Director Al Ebron elaborated on the NAFTC’s course, An Overview of Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles, which explains the importance of adopting and using alternative fuels. NAFTC photo

The meeting included a variety of presentations, discussions, and activities on the topics of CNG, ethanol, biodiesel, plug-in hybrids, and other alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. Al Ebron delivered a presentation titled “Resources and Training Available through the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium,” which highlighted the curricula development capabilities of the organization, the many training courses and workshops offered, and the abundance of education and outreach activities the NAFTC is involved in. The presentation was capped off with an update on the activities for the 2008 National AFV Day Odyssey and a BIG thank you to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Clean Cities coordinators for their continued support and involvement in Odyssey.

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