Are you a gear head in the market for a flashy new sports car but are worried about being able to afford not only the car, but the gas too? Well, Toyota may have just answered your prayers. In 2009, Toyota will launch the new FT-HS, a vehicle featuring the company’s Hybrid Synergy DriveŽ coupled with all the bells and whistles of the modern-day sports car.

Toyota FTHS

The new Toyota FT-HS features the company’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. Credit:

The mid-priced FT-HS will come with the powerful V6 3.5L engine. According to the company’s Web site, the engine, combined with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, is able to produce a target output of approximately 400 horsepower and a projected 0-to-60 acceleration in the four-second range. The company calls the new hybrid sports car an “attainable exotic” due to the vehicle’s mid-priced market position.

The sleek design of the FT-HS makes for a huge reduction in aerodynamic drag. The front and rear of the vehicle are formed around key functional components, and the roof is sculpted to allow ample head room exactly where needed.

toyota fths 2

The FT-HS’s interior creates an enclosed pod effect. Credit:

The FT-HS’s interior equally contributes to the sports car’s overall futuristic design. According to the Web site, the Toyota FT-HS features a dedicated driver’s cockpit that includes a cross-car instrument panel structure and delta-wing driver pod. An incredible feature of the new sports car is its seating configurations. The Toyota FT-HS easily accommodates four passengers but effortlessly converts to a two-seater when the roof retracts for wind-in-your-hair road trips.

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