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Welcome to the June edition of eNews! Many of the stories this month focus on the growing use and success of biofuels. Ethanol’s popularity continues to increase as evident by the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition’s announcement that E85 fueling stations have surpassed 1,200 locations. More about this exciting development can be found in the story, “E85 Stations Exceed 1,200 Locations!”

Biogas, which is composed of 60 percent methane and is created from the anaerobic digestion of animal waste and other organic wastes, is a less common biofuel that has recently gained support in the U.S. Senate. Also in support of biofuels is the recently-formed North Central Bio-Economy Consortium. This twelve-state effort will focus on energy independence, utilization of biomass feedstocks, and development of bio-economies. More information can be found on both of these stories in this edition of the eNews.

Support of biofuels and renewable energy is not limited to within the United States. The country will host the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference in May 2008. This third global ministerial-level event will have energy security, climate change, air quality, and sustainable agricultural and rural development on its agenda. Please read “U.S. Department of State Will Host Renewable Energy Conference” for more details.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of service in answering questions about biofuels or other alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, or to find out more about NAFTC training.


Al Ebron
NAFTC Executive Director


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