The oldest geothermal plant in Nevada will soon be converted to produce biodiesel using camelina oil seed and algae, thus creating a chain of alternative fuels all housed and abundant within America’s borders. Crippling gas prices continue to fuel the nation’s quest for energy independence, and Infinifuel Biodiesel will make a major contribution toward the goal with the opening of its biodiesel production plant powered by geothermal energy.


Infinifuel’s three hundred acre-site houses a large grain silo and methanol recovery towers among other biodiesel production equipment. Infinifuel Biodiesel

The plant, powered and heated geothermally, is located in Wabuska, Nevada, and has three hundred acres devoted to algae ponds and growing oil seed. The plant also owns oil seed storage, crushing, and pressing facilities. Carbon dioxide, fertilizer, and sunlight nourish the algae and oil seed, and both can then be crushed and pressed to become biomass and vegetable oil. As geothermal energy heats a mixture of biomass, alcohol, and vegetable oil, Infinifuel is able to produce finished biodiesel.


The algae grown at the Infinifuel site can be harvested monthly and used in the production of biodiesel. Infinifuel Biodiesel

The Infinifuel Biodiesel plant has a total renewable energy theme as it produces the cleaner-burning fuel. The grounds of the facility contain two production geothermal wells and seven production power units capable of providing 5MW of electrical energy. In fact, the facility creates enough energy to not only power the biodiesel plant but to even sell excess electricity. The 220-degree steam produced directly on site is used in the biodiesel production process.


Also on site at the Infinifuel Biodiesel facility are geothermal cooling ponds. Infinifuel Biodiesel

Housed in a 5,000-square foot facility, the biodiesel production plant has two biodiesel reactors capable of producing 22,000 gallons of fuel per day. Representatives of Infinifuel Biodiesel anticipate the plant producing 5 million gallons a year. The company’s main goal is to become a leader in biodiesel production through self-contained, petroleum-free practices.

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