Rio Hondo College Alternative Fuels Instructor John Frala and NAFTC National Instructor Scott Martin recently served as co-instructors at a beta test held exclusively for Miles Automotive Group associates and new dealers on the Rio Hondo College campus. Miles Automotive has developed a new zero-emission, all-electric neighborhood vehicle that is equipped with many componential updates from the older Miles ZX40 and will be marketed as the Miles ZX40S.

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The NAFTC is involved in training Miles Automotive associates and new dealers on the new Miles ZX40S. NAFTC Photo

The NAFTC was involved in enhancing the English translation of written material for the Miles ZX40 in 2005. Consequently, the NAFTC recently worked with Miles Automotive to update these documents to include all new information associated with the Miles ZX40S and is now training Miles Automotive associates and new dealers on the new model.

As an NAFTC National Training Center, Rio Hondo College has served as a great training location for Miles Automotive Group’s NEVs. Rio Hondo College’s Alternative Fuels Department is a leader in the Southern California area for delivering education and training on many alternative fuel technologies including electric vehicle technology, and the NAFTC is proud to have them as a long-standing NTC.

The NAFTC is currently the only training center for Miles Automotive Group and has scheduled a training course to take place at the NAFTC headquarters in Morgantown, West Virginia, in the upcoming month.

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