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Al Ebron 2007
The NAFTC is excited to report that its newest workshop “First Responder’s Safety: Hybrid Electric Vehicles” will soon be launched. A pilot test was conducted in March in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and the Consortium is pleased to announce that the course will benefit all the courageous and hardworking first responders in the near future! Find out more about the pilot test in the story “NAFTC Debuts Workshop on HEV Safety for First Responders” in this edition of eNews.

First responders, such as those in California at the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, are becoming familiar with other types of vehicles—those powered by fuel cells. DaimlerChrysler recently modified a Mercedes-Benz F-Cell, making it the first fuel cell-powered fire response vehicle. Read more in our eNews article, “Fuel Cell-Powered Fire Response Vehicle Debuts in Sacramento.”

Amazing developments in the alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle industry continue to be made every day. You can read more about late-breaking technology in eNews stories such as “New Methane Storage System Revolutionizes Natural Gas Technology” or “Tropical Biofuel Possibilities “Cropping” up Everywhere.”

As new innovations abound, many business, organizations, and industries are taking advantage of the public’s interest. For example, our eNews story “Bank of America Expands Hybrid Vehicle Program” details how the bank is instituting a $3,000-reimbursement policy for some of its associates who purchase hybrid vehicles.

To learn more about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle technology, please visit the NAFTC’s Web site ( or contact us if we can be of assistance to you in any way.


Al Ebron
NAFTC Executive Director

NAFTC's National Headquarters, Morgantown WV

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