Los Angeles, California-based Venture Vehicles, Inc., has recently announced plans to develop three new three-wheel, tilting plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles. Going by the name VentureOne, these vehicles are the product of a series of breakthroughs made by the automotive industry that will make driving hybrids and all-electric vehicles extremely exciting. Venture reports that all three vehicles will be capable of going 0-60 mph in six seconds or less and achieve 100 mpg at a top speed in excess of 100 mph.

VentureOne plug-in hybrid

The new VentureOne plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles are classified as motorcycles but are as safe as most four-wheeled automobiles. Venture Vehicles, Inc.

The two low-emission plug-in hybrids and the zero-emission all-electric vehicle will feature the patented Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) tilting technology from Dutch-based Carver Engineering. This tilting technology is designed to allow all three wheels to maintain perfect contact with the road while tilting up to 45 degrees side-to-side at a rate of 85 degrees per second. The front wheel and the passenger compartment will tilt while cornering; however, the forces are aligned with the vertical axis of the driver’s body, consequently pushing the driver into his/her seat instead of out of it. Now in the developmental stage, the vehicle is expected to weigh 1,200 pounds with a width of 48 inches and a length of almost 12 feet. The vehicle’s engine will rest in the rear of the vehicle.

 tilting technology stabilizes vehicle

The VentureOne uses tilting technology from Carver Engineering to keep the driver in his/her seat while cornering. Venture Vehicles, Inc.

Carver Engineering already offers conventional gasoline-fueled vehicles equipped with this tilting technology, but many are excited to experience the curve-hugging equipment in an alternative fuel vehicle. In-wheel motors from the UK-based company PML FlightLink will be used to power the VentureOne and have only one moving part apiece. ABS breaking, traction control, and steering control functions are all controlled completely by software.

A123 Systems, headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, and initially developed by MIT, will supply a safe, earth-friendly battery system for the VentureOne. A123 Systems produces chemically benign batteries that do not support combustion or thermal-runaway. Another impressive feature of the A123 Systems’ batteries is the wide operational temperature range. It is reported that the batteries can function at -22F to 158F.

“It’s a truly unique and innovative vehicle,” said Ian Bruce, founding partner of Venture Vehicles. “With the same height and length as the MINI Cooper, the VentureOne will have both the performance of a sports car and the agility of a motorcycle.”

The VentureOne is technically classified as a motorcycle due to its three-wheel structure, but representatives of Venture Vehicles report that these models will be thirty-three times safer than typical motorcycles and comparable to most four-wheeled automobiles. The VentureOne will be constructed with a steel roll-cage frame and feature front-and-side-impact protection, an advanced passenger restraint system, and ventilated disc brakes.

safety features graph

VentureOne models will be equipped with several standard safety features to keep both the driver and passenger safe. Venture Vehicles, Inc.

The hybrid E50 and Q100 will be priced between $18,000 and $20,000. The VentureOne all-electric Venture EV model will be priced at around $23,000. Accessory packages will be available for each model.

“The only way I can describe the sensation is comparing it to flying a jet fighter at two feet off the ground,” said Bruce.

For more information, please visit the VentureOne Web site (http://flytheroad.com/).

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