Decker Truck Line has partnered with the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), U.S. Department of Agriculture, Iowa Central Community College, Iowa Soybean Association, and Renewable Energy Group to determine how B20 soy biodiesel performs compared to regular diesel. Utilizing more than 700 trucks and 1,400 trailers, this over-the-road test began last fall and will last for 2 million miles. Appropriately named the “Two Million Mile Haul,” interim results detailing the first 350,000 miles of the test were released at the end of March.

B20 biodiesel and truck cruising down a road

B20 biodiesel is being put to the test during the Two Million Mile Haul. Credit: DOE/NREL, Stefano Paltera

“What we’ve observed so far is great performance in the particularly cold weather we just experienced and reduced maintenance and engine wear benefits that equal or outweigh the slightly higher cost of the biodiesel blend,” said Decker Truck Line Industry & Government Relations Director Dale Decker.

From the data collected and analyzed by Iowa Central Community College, results from trucks using the B20 blend show cleaner engine oil, positive impact on engine wear, decreased maintenance due to increased lubricity, and no cold weather issues. Other information being collected includes miles per gallon, total mileage, idle time, maximum speed, and average speed. Progress and further results from the Two Million Mile Haul can be found on

“We are pleased that Decker Truck Line has taken on this project to test biodiesel in real-world conditions,” said NBB Director of Outreach and Development Tom Verry. “This over-the-road study of biodiesel will help trucking companies and independent truckers gain a better understanding of the effect of biodiesel on their fleet.”

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