Executive Director of the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) Al Ebron and NAFTC National Instructor Scott Martin presented “Alternative Fuels 101” at the New Orleans Clean Cities Conference in late January. The conference, held at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel in New Orleans, was designed to promote the use of alternative fuels to reduce air pollution and improve air quality. The conference also focused on practices that help reduce dependence on foreign oil supply and America’s energy security.

Panel discussion at the 2007 New Orleans Clean Cities Conference

Several panel discussions were held during the 2007 Statewide Clean Cities Conference, including the “Louisiana’s Clean Cities’ Past, Present, and Future,” presentation conducted by the following coalition coordinators (from left to right): Tammy Morgan, Coordinator for Baton Rouge Clean Cities Coalition; Harold Moise, Louisiana’s Coordinators’ Liaison; Vicki Cappel, New Orleans Coordinator; Wes Wyche, Shreveport Coordinator; and, Harvey Landry, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. Credit: NAFTC photo

The presentation, “Alternative Fuels 101,” covered a wide range of topics, including the political issues that surround alternative fuels, the decreasing supply of petroleum worldwide, economic impacts caused by petroleum use, environmental issues, and an in-depth look at many alternative fuels and alternative fuel technologies.

Attendees at the conference

Individuals attending the conference included Clean Cities representatives, industry experts, fleet managers, local municipalities, etc. Credit: NAFTC photo

Conference presentations were created to educate attendees about the latest developments in alternative fuel technologies, and to introduce the newest alternative fuel products and services. Other topics that were discussed during the conference included the use of biodiesel and compressed natural gas for transit fleets, and how to reduce gasoline emissions. Alternatively-fueled vehicles (AFVs) and hybrid vehicles were also on display.

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