Dear Friends:

Happy 2007! The New Year began on a bright note for our industry with President George W. Bush addressing the continued need for the development and adoption of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. In fact, the President proposed the goal of reducing U.S. gasoline consumption by 20 percent in the next ten years. Alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles are sure to play a huge part in achieving this goal.

Recognizing the importance of lessening our dependence on foreign oil, Senator Robert C. Byrd and twenty-four other Senators passed Senate Resolution 600 in November. This resolution designated October 12, 2006, as National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day. For more information, read our eNews story, “Senate Designates October 12 as National AFV Day.”

Drivers will enjoy a larger selection of AFVs available for purchase in 2007, as many new vehicles have been introduced. Hybrids continue to be a popular choice for consumers, and six recently made the top ten list of fuel economy leaders. In addition, twelve new flexible fuel vehicles will also enter the market this year. Read more about these new offerings in the story, “New AFVs and Advanced Technology Vehicles Available for 2007.”

Enjoy this eNews edition, and please contact us if we can be of service to you in any way.


Al Ebron
NAFTC Executive Director

Al Ebron

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