General Motors (GM) and Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot Theme Park in Florida have come together to produce an innovative exhibit they call “Fuel for Thought.” Advances in fuel cell technology, hybrid vehicles, and ethanol-powered cars and trucks are on display for the “edutainment” of all ages. “Fuel for Thought” is designed to be a bona fide playground for the senses with luminous graphics, interactive kiosks, challenging games, and live presentations dedicated to the expansion of the public’s knowledge of alternative fuel technology.

The exhibit begins by walking down the pathway. On one side, visitors are greeted by a huge plasma wall picturing a brilliant cornfield. On the other, GM introduces several of its environmental endeavors taking place all over the world. Once inside, visitors walk on to an enormous graphic that, at first, appears to be corn kernels held in a circle. Motion sensors soon detect footsteps, and the kernels explode into popcorn! E85 messages also appear through the spectacular graphics.

The main purpose of the exhibit is education; however, GM and Epcot combine forces to make the experience exciting for the whole family. A FlexFuel E85-compatible vehicle is on display, and visitors are strongly welcomed to climb right in. Another display consists of a Chevy Tahoe chassis complete with a light show to explain two-mode hybrid technology.

Disney exhibit demonstrates two-mode hybrid technology

Visitors can view the two-mode hybrid technology that powers the Chevy Tahoe. Credit:

As you exit “Fuel for Thought,” GM and Epcot grant a glimpse into the future of alternative fuels technology as they present to you the AUTOnomy. First introduced by GM in 2002, the AUTOnomy is the world’s first vehicle designed completely around a fuel cell propulsion system.

GM's AUTOnomy is on display

GM’s AUTOnomy on display. Credit:

Commenting on the exhibit, Betsy Lazar, executive director of advertising and media operations for GM, said, “Epcot is an amazing imaginative theme park. With the addition of ‘Fuel for Thought,’ visitors will now have an opportunity to explore innovative aspects and applications of automotive technology through a fun-filled experience.”

For more information on the “Fuel for Thought” exhibit, visit GM’s Web site at

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