The NAFTC recently exhibited at the EDTA Conference on November 28–30 in Washington, D.C. Offering more than twenty courses and workshops on all facets of alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicle training, the NAFTC took this opportunity to showcase those that focus on electric drive technology – Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles, and Fuel Cells and Fuel Cell Vehicles.

Outstanding informational forums were conducted with industry leaders providing updates and insight into the direction of the electric drive industry. Attendees were also provided the opportunity to test drive multiple battery, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles held at a ride-and-drive event on Capitol Hill.

NAFTC's Adam Brown test drive GM Hydrogen 3 fuel-cell vehicle

NAFTC Events Coordinator Adam Brown takes the opportunity to test drive the GM Hydrogen 3 fuel-cell vehicle. NAFTC file photo

The buzz at this year’s conference was focused on the excitement stemming from the new plug-in hybrid technology advancements. John Bryson, Chairman, President, and CEO of Edison International, served as a speaker in the Opening Plenary Session titled “Industry and Government, Working Together.” He pointed out that Edison International is fitting 4.7 million customers with new technology switches that will accommodate plug-in hybrids. President of Toyota Motor North America Inc. James Press was also a speaker at the Opening Plenary Session and stated that “the next frontier will be in the plug-in hybrid.” While current PHEV purchasing options are limited, conversions are available for 2004-2007 Prius (not 2001-2003 Prius) and the Ford Escape Hybrid. Future conversions could include the Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX-400 hybrids.

Toyota Prius on display as a prototype plug-in vehicle

The advancements in plug-in hybrid technology were the focus of this year’s EDTA Conference. This Toyota Prius was on display as a prototype plug-in vehicle. There are now three of these vehicles being tested. NAFTC file photo

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