December 24th, 2006

Let's Clear the Air

Holiday Miracle Fuel

by NAFTC National Instructor Scott Martin and NAFTC student worker Matt DeLiso.

Everyone in the world has been trying to figure out what the ultimate alternative energy source is to gasoline and diesel fuel. We at the NAFTC have figured out the solution. Yes that’s right; we have the solution to the whole world’s energy problems—well sort of?

Every year on December 24, millions of children wait for that special gift under their tree. The idea of Santa magically landing on the roof and entering through the chimney to deliver presents has baffled people for centuries. The real magic happens to be that Santa is able to travel around the world in one night without fueling his sleigh and does so at record pace. Not only does his sleigh accomplish this amazing feat, it FLIES. This is accomplished producing zero emissions.

The automotive industry has been rating engines based on horsepower, and these engines produce many emissions and require energy sources that are being depleted on a daily basis. If we were to convert from horsepower to reindeer power, we would be able to travel world wide without refueling or producing any emissions.

Santa and his reindeer fly through the sky

Although this is the greatest idea since sliced bread, Santa may keep his Christmas fuel to himself, at least for now. One other problem is that only elves are currently trained in repairing the reindeer-powered sleigh. However, at least there is one person in the world able to travel great distances and not harm the atmosphere or deplete our energy sources in the process.

We at the NAFTC hope you have enjoyed the spirit of this short story, and hope we can find a fuel source that accomplishes the same as Santa’s sleigh. The thought of this is what we all want for our children and the security of the United States. The NAFTC will continue to do its part to help make this happen.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

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