The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) hosted a biofuels workshop on November 16 for West Virginia teachers of grades 5-12. The workshop, part of the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project series, was held at the NAFTC headquarters.

At the NEED training, WV science teachers practice energy experiments

While at the NEED training, WV science teachers learned energy experiments to share with their students.

The session focused on alternative fuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol, and teachers in attendance received training and certification in NEED’s Biofuels Education learning materials. In addition, participating educators received teacher and student instruction guides, certification to sign out a classroom set of biofuel teaching resources, and a tour of the NAFTC’s biofuel research facilities.

Samples of the biodiesel production process

Samples of the biodiesel process, from soybeans to biodiesel and waste product (Clycerin), were on hand.

“The NAFTC is excited to be part of training West Virginia educators in the importance and science of alternative fuels,” said NAFTC Executive Director Al Ebron. “The teachers attending the workshop will pass along their newly-acquired knowledge to their students, who ultimately have the future of America’s energy independence in their hands.”

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