An environmentally friendly and emissions-free mode of transportation is available to consumers for the upcoming holiday season. The TWIKE, produced by German manufacturer Fine Mobile, is described as a human-electric hybrid vehicle and is featured in this year’s annual Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. The three-wheeled vehicle runs on battery and pedal power and seats two passengers.

The TWIKE is a two-passenger, three-wheeled human-electric hybrid vehicle

The TWIKE is a two-passenger, three-wheeled human-electric hybrid vehicle. Credit:

Nickel-alloy batteries, which can fully be recharged from a household outlet in about two hours, and a three-kilowatt electric motor help power the TWIKE. According to Fine Mobile, the vehicle uses one kilowatt hour of electricity for every one hundred miles, costing the user less than $0.01 per mile. The TWIKE can accelerate up to 55 miles per hour (mph) on flat ground, and a joystick allows the driver to control steering, speed, turn signals, and brakes with one hand. An onboard computer displays its battery charge level, range, and mph.

Featuring recumbent bicycle seating, the TWIKE weighs approximately 520 pounds and is measured at 9’x4’x 4’. Fine Mobile estimates the retail price of the vehicle at $26,000, but the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog lists an exclusive edition with leather seats and velour carpeting available for $40,000.

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