SOYMET, LLC, based in Rome, Georgia, is a rising southeastern fuel company manufacturing and delivering soybean-based alternative fuels. The company has developed a new line of biodiesel meant for diesel-engine construction equipment and commercial diesel-engine trucks. Among its new products are biofuel grades named SOYMET B100, SOYMET B99, SOYMET B20, and SOYMET B2.

SOYMET biodiesel powers large tractor trailers and construction equipment.

SOYMET biodiesel powers large tractor trailers and construction equipment. Credit: NREL/DOE, Courtesy of Raley’s

“We are planning to deliver SOYMET biofuels to customers who are demanding an alternative fuel to traditional diesel fuels,” said Rick Sargent, the company’s president and CEO. “SOYMET has decided to distribute biofuels in response to rising fuel prices, compliance and regulatory issues, customer demand, and a desire to offer environmentally friendly products. SOYMET biofuel products will help companies comply with government standards for sulfur emissions, while helping to reduce pollution.”

SOYMET is based in Rome, Georgia.

SOYMET is based in Rome, Georgia. Credit: SOYMET, LLC

All SOYMET biofuel products have zero petroleum toxins and lower emissions than standard diesel fuel. The alternative fuel’s main byproducts are carbon dioxide and water vapor, and it burns cleanly while producing the same amount of energy as conventional diesel fuels. Earlier in 2006, SOYMET estimates it was producing 60,000 gallons of the biofuel per month, with a goal of producing 3 million gallons per month by the end of 2006.

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