Modine Manufacturing Company recently unveiled its new advanced idle reduction system (idle-off), which is designed to help over-the-road truckers reduce emissions and cut costs. According to Modine, a designer and developer of heating and cooling systems for the truck, construction, agriculture, industrial, and automotive markets, the system uses high-efficiency, zero-emissions fuel cells paired with carbon dioxide (CO2).

“Our engineers are working on cutting-edge technologies in various areas, including fuel cells, CO2, and HVAC. This product gives us an opportunity to combine these technologies in one package,” said Modine Director of Research and Development Dr. Jonathan Wattelet. “It’s something that no one has done before. We’re showing our customers, fleet operators, and the trucking industry that Modine stands for innovation and finding solutions that are both environmentally friendly and make good economic sense.”

Modine's new advanced idle reduction systems will help over-the-road truckers cut costs and also reduce emissions.

Modine’s new advanced idle reduction system will help over-the-road truckers cut costs and also reduce emissions. Credit: DOE/NREL, Warren Gretz

General Hydrogen Corporation designed the fuel cell power pack, which uses hydrogen gas as fuel. According to Modine, the power pack is specifically designed for a truck auxiliary power unit application to produce electrical energy continuously for more than ten hours. The CO2 system can be used for both heating and cooling the sleeper cabin in heavy-duty trucks. It was internally designed by Modine at its research and development facility in Racine, Wisconsin.

“Our new technology offers a solution, helps to eliminate those emissions, and reduces energy consumption, while still providing a comfortable air conditioned or heated sleeper cab for truck drivers,” said Modine Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Tony De Vuono.

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