2006 National AFV Day Odyssey: Showcasing alternative transportation technologies--a pathway to energy independence!

National AFV Day Odyssey, scheduled for October 12, 2006, is again proving to be an important event with more than forty sites currently registered and many more to come! The NAFTC is committed to making Odyssey 2006 the biggest event to date, and we are currently recruiting site coordinators from numerous clubs and organizations across the United States and beyond. Our goal for Odyssey 2006 is to have 75 participating sites in all 50 states and more than 25,000 attendees. With your involvement we can turn that number into a reality!

All Odyssey partners, sponsors, and participating sites will receive national recognition. Each is named in the Executive Summary, which is distributed to Congress and thousands of others nationwide. Also, those companies or organizations will be listed on the National AFV Day Odyssey Web page, and participating sites will have a Web page dedicated to showcasing the details of their event.

The much-anticipated and newly-designed and streamlined site coordinators notebook has been mailed to those site coordinators who have returned their Letter of Agreement. The notebook, produced by the NAFTC, provides step-by-step instructions to help plan your event. Inside you will find media aids such as blanket press releases and radio announcements, national promotional materials such as brochures and posters, Odyssey logos and themes, sample event activities and ideas, and checklists to better enhance your overall event. These items are also found electronically on the accompanying “Graphics and Templates CD” to make hosting a local event even easier!

We encourage all individuals interested in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles to attend a local site event. Exciting activities designed for individuals of all ages are being planned and include car care clinics, ride-and drives, hands-on demonstrations, guest speakers from leaders in the alternative fuels industry, and much more! We even have coalitions that will be driving convoys of alternative fuel vehicles across their states, with “pit stops” along the way, to showcase the vehicles. National AFV Day Odyssey promises to be a day that will be remembered!

If you would like to get involved with Odyssey 2006, please contact Odyssey Event Manager Julie Whiteman at NAFTC Headquarters via e-mail (Julie.Whiteman@mail.wvu.edu ) or by calling 304-293-7882.

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