The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) will wrap up a development project for Miles Automotive Group, Ltd., at the end of May following months of hard work. The project involved developing service materials and training for the Miles ZX40, an all-new zero-emissions neighborhood electric vehicle. Miles Automotive retained the NAFTC to enhance the current English translation of the service and owner’s manual and to develop an advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic manual, a basic time guide for allowable repair times, a pre-delivery checklist, and a three-day new product information course for service technicians.

The project began in November 2005, with several staff members at NAFTC headquarters working on the vehicle and curriculum including assistant director of programs Randall Levelle, curriculum developer Katina Sayers-Walker, West Virginia University undergraduate interns Matt De Liso and Andrew Schmidt, graduate assistant Marc Debiase, and senior administrative secretary Cathy Mezera. A beta test training was conducted on April 11-13, 2006 by John Frala, an instructor of automotive technology and alternative fuels at Rio Hondo Community College, an NAFTC National Training Center. During the test, NAFTC and Rio Hondo staff provided minor mechanical and production troubleshooting during the product orientation. In addition to providing fresh eyes to the vehicle’s design and production, they also gave a new product orientation presentation featuring flash animation and video clips.

“Miles Automotive Group, Ltd., is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the NAFTC in establishing a program which will enable training and certification of technicians in the repair and maintenance of the Miles ZX40 Low-Speed Electric Vehicle,” said Kevin Kiley, President of Miles Automotive Group. “We believe the national network of the NAFTC provides a valuable option for our customers should they elect to participate in enhancing their knowledge of electric vehicles through the custom-designed curriculum which has been developed specifically for the Miles ZX40.”

The Miles ZX40 outside NAFTC headquarters.

The Miles ZX40 outside NAFTC headquarters. NAFTC photo

The Miles vehicle is inspected during the beta test at Rio Hondo Community College.

The Miles vehicle is inspected during the beta test at Rio Hondo Community College. NAFTC photo

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