The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has introduced a new fleet of fifty hybrid electric buses. WMATA purchased the hybrid electric buses from New Flyer of America, Inc., at a cost of $521,980 a piece. The hybrid electric buses were to be evenly divided between the Landover Metrobus Division and the Montgomery Metrobus Division.

The exterior design of the New Flyer buses reflects the changing styles of Metrobus. The first thirty-nine buses reflect the current styles, while the remaining eleven feature a newly-redesigned style. The new design illustrates the next generation of New Flyer buses, which is premiering with the WMATA fleet. The WMATA fleet is the first transit agency in the United States to receive the redesigned buses.

DC Metro Integrates Hybrids into Fleet DC Metro Integrates Hybrids into Fleet

Credit: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

The New Flyer hybrid electric buses feature:

  • Onboard video cameras
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Vandal-resistant padded seats
  • Driver-controlled rear doors
  • Overhead doorway lights
  • Lighted steps to the rear upper section of the bus
  • An interior bus stop enunciation sign
  • An automated bus stop voice enunciator
  • An automated vehicle maintenance monitoring system.

GM’s Allison Transmission is manufacturing the clean hybrid technology for the New Flyer buses, which will provide greater fuel economy and lower emissions than conventional diesel buses. The hybrid technology produces up to 60 percent fewer oxides of nitrogen emissions and up to 90 percent fewer particulates, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide emissions. The hybrid electric buses are also expected to provide reduced maintenance costs resulting from extended brake, engine oil, and transmission oil life; superior torque; faster acceleration; and operational sound levels approaching that of passenger cars.

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