Dear Friends:

The NAFTC recently participated in the second West Virginia Summit on Homeland Security. The event was organized by West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller and focused on the serious and imperative task of protecting our nation and the State of West Virginia. I was honored to give five presentations of the NAFTC’s Hybrid Safety Workshop for First Responders and to meet with several officials to discuss the important role of the Consortium. You can read more about the summit in this month’s edition of eNews.

Protecting our country can be done in many ways, such as lessening our dependence on foreign oil. The use of alternative fuels is growing, and in turn, the United States is growing stronger by the day. Progress is being made on the natural gas pipeline in Alaska, which is highlighted in the eNews story, “Plans for Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Moving Ahead.” In addition, ethanol use continues to rise, and to ensure that its availability widens, the Governors’ Ethanol Coalition is calling for stricter government measures, which are detailed in the article “Governors’ Ethanol Coalition Presses for More Aggressive Ethanol Policy.”

Finally, research into hydrogen-fueled vehicles is ongoing, and its progress is exciting and promising. In the future, the East Coast may see its own version of a hydrogen highway, such as the one being developed in California. You can read more about this possibility in the story, “I-95 May Become the Next Hydrogen Highway.”

Every individual has the opportunity to do their part in securing our country through the use of alternative fuels. The NAFTC is proud to do its part in participating in this vital mission. Please contact us if we can be of service to you in any way.


Al Ebron
NAFTC Executive Director

Al Ebron

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