An all-electric vehicle, known as the NmG (No More Gas), may not only alleviate some of the United States’ dependence on foreign oil, but also allow daily commuters to save money they would otherwise spend on gasoline. The three-wheeled vehicle seats one passenger, and it is the only American-made, all-electric vehicle on the market today.

The NmG is made by Myers Motors in Tallmadge, Ohio. It can be driven thirty miles before it needs recharging, a process that takes six to eight hours using a 110-volt outlet or less than half that time using a 220-volt outlet. The NmG can reach speeds of up to 70 mph and is classified by the U.S. Department of Transportation as a motorcycle. A highway-legal vehicle, the NmG has a low center of gravity, and its power is delivered via a single rear wheel.

NmG electric vehicle

The NmG is the only American-made, all-electric vehicle available on the market today. Credit: Myers Motors

“The NmG fits the way Americans use their cars,” said Dana Myers, president of Myers Motors. “Research shows that 87 percent of all commutes are less than twenty miles, and 93 percent of those commutes are with only one person in the vehicle.”

The NmG has been sold since October 2005, and includes standard features such as an audio system, adjustable bucket seat, accessory outlets, six-cubic-foot trunk, power windows, and heater. It is available in a unique variety of colors such as teal, lilac, magenta, lime, and aqua. The NmG is priced at $24,900, and more information can be found on the Myers Motors Web site,

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