FuelMaker Corporation signed an exclusive dealer agreement with Gaz de France to market Phill throughout France. Phill is a home refueling appliance used to refuel natural gas-powered vehicles. This agreement has brought together a company known for designing, manufacturing, and installing vehicle refueling appliances for the refueling of natural gas-powered fleet vehicles, forklifts, and ice resurfacers for more than fifteen years with the leading natural gas supplier and provider of energy services in France.

Gaz de France has been working closely with major manufacturers to establish a consumer market for natural gas vehicles. It has purchased five hundred units and is currently purchasing five hundred more. The availability of Phill will allow greater accessibility for consumers to refuel their vehicles. Gaz de France will be managing all marketing, sales, installation, and servicing of the units in France. The initial release of Phill will be targeted to the Toulouse region with planned expansion to other cities throughout 2006.

Home Refueling Appliance

Photo Courtesy of FuelMaker
Phill, a home refueling appliance used for natural gas-powered vehicles, will now be marketed in France.

Gaz de France will rent Phill to its customers. The rental charge will be calculated based on a rental fee, the cost of the natural gas consumed, and a service fee. Consumers choosing natural gas over gasoline or diesel are still expected to see fuel cost savings with the use of Phill.

FuelMaker and Gaz de France first signed a Cooperation Agreement in 2003 to begin working together to develop Phill. This exclusive dealer agreement fulfills goals established during the first agreement and will make successful introduction of home refueling in France possible.

FuelMaker, in collaboration with American Honda, released Phill in the North American market last spring.

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