An NAFTC member school, the Community College of Southern Nevada (CCSN), was recently ranked as the best college in the country for promoting online automotive safety and environmental training by its accrediting agency.

The U.S. Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair placed CCSN above 80 colleges and more than 1,900 high schools for its promotion of the agency’s Safety and Pollution Prevention training, said Paul Pate, Associate Dean of Applied Technologies. The college has issued 17,000 certification tests, which is 7,000 more than any other school.

ccsn students ccsn students 2

Students work in the automotive lab at the Community College of Southern Nevada.

CCSN students must complete the online certification programs before they can work on vehicles in the automotive lab, Pate said. The community college also offers the online training program to workers in the industry, saving employers the $300 that they otherwise would have to pay for the courses.

ccsn auto lab ccsn auto lab 2

The automotive lab at CCSN is one reason the college was ranked highly for promoting automotive safety and environmental training.

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