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With the nation feeling the aftershock of this year’s busy hurricane season and bracing for the next big storm, rising gasoline prices weigh heavily on people’s minds. Perhaps many of you find yourselves relieved to be driving an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) or advanced technology vehicle, or maybe you have started to seriously consider purchasing one.

Whether you are patting yourself on the back for owning an AFV or advanced technology vehicle or are researching a future purchase, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have released a helpful information source, the 2006 Fuel Economy Guide. It should come as no surprise that all but one car in their top ten list of fuel economy leaders are advanced technology hybrid vehicles or diesel vehicles, which can operate using biodiesel. You can learn more about the guide’s top ten and what cars made the list in our eNews story, “AFVs at Top of 2006 Fuel Economy Guide.”

Another article of special interest in this edition of eNews details the innovative design of the 2006 Honda Civic IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid. This vehicle features electric launch and is the first full hybrid produced by Honda. As advanced technology vehicles and AFVs continue to grow in popularity, we can be sure we’ll see more exciting developments in their design in the future!

While alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles continue to advance, reassurances come from oil companies and Saudi Arabia who say that previous calculations underestimate the vast amount of oil reserves the world has yet to tap. ExxonMobil and Saudi Arabia officials contend that there is undue concern over oil supplies, but several skeptics find fault with this argument. Our article, “Oil Reserves Estimated to Be Larger Than Previous Calculations,” elaborates on this hot debate.

The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium is a valuable resource for alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle information. Our eNews highlights important and exciting national and world events for you every month, and further extensive information can be found in the technical library on our Web site. Please contact us if we can be of service.


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