California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two alternative fuel bills on September 29. The legislation promotes the use of alternative fuels and seeks to reduce the state’s reliance on foreign energy sources.

State senate bill (SB) 975 stipulates that any federal, state, or local agency; any regulated utility; or any owner or operator of a solid waste collection vehicle certified by the State Air Resources Board may use a biodiesel blend fuel consisting of 20 percent or less biodiesel in any retrofitted vehicular or off-road diesel engine. According to California’s Drive Clean Web site, biodiesel in blends of 20 percent or less can be handled with the current fueling infrastructure. Senator Roy Ashburn, who is currently serving his first term, authored the bill, which received unanimous support from both California legislative houses.

Assembly bill (AB) 1007 requires California to develop and adopt an alternative fuels plan for the state by no later than June 30, 2007. California state agencies will collaborate on the plan’s formation. Suggestions for standards for transportation fuels and vehicles will be written into the strategy, and it will also include recommendations for requirements, financial incentives, and other policy mechanisms to ensure that vehicles capable of operating on alternative fuels use those fuels to the maximum extent feasible, to ensure that fueling stations are available to drivers of alternative fuel vehicles, and to encourage the research, development, demonstration, commercialization, manufacturing, and production of vehicles that use alternative fuels.

Fossil Fuel industry

The fossil fuel industry includes (clockwise from top left) petroleum refining, imported petroleum, coal, and domestically produced petroleum and natural gas. Photo courtesy of

Clean renewable energy

Californians are striving to achieve significant energy production from renewable resources such as wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal sources. The state possesses great quantities of all of these resources. Photo courtesy of

“Californians have always led the way in protecting our lands and oceans and pioneering new forms of energy use that reduce our reliance on foreign fuels,” Gov. Schwarzenegger said. “These bills will help California ensure reliable, cleaner, and more cost-effective energy—and a cleaner environment.”

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