Blue Sun, a Colorado company specializing in biodiesel, was recognized recently for having cleaner burning fuel, which is made partially from locally grown Canola plants. Blue Sun begins with a blend of premium Blue Sun Biodiesel (20%) and petroleum diesel fuel (80%); then adds their proprietary additive package which is specifically tailored for regional climates and seasons.

The company produces biodiesel energy crops such as canola and mustard seed through cooperatives with regional farmers, and is currently implementing production and distribution facilities. Blue Sun currently has retail pumps throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho.

The recent study shows that the Blue Sun B-20 biodiesel significantly outperforms conventional diesel and other biodiesel blends in terms of reducing emissions, mainly the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx). A US Department of Energy research indicates that Blue Sun is the only manufacturer of B-20 in the United States that has been proven to reduce NOx, an EPA pollutant that contributes to the formation of ozone. See table of the Department of Energy research results below.

Blue Sun Emission Chart

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, Colorado

Blue Sun logo

Graphics courtesy of Blue Sun Biodiesel

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