The importance of the research and science behind creating a hydrogen-based fuel economy just received national recognition. A recent survey conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, on behalf of General Motors, found that the majority of Americans favor government support of hydrogen development, and felt that reducing dependence on foreign oil should be a top-priority. The survey, conducted nationwide over the telephone June 17-20, 2005, was a representative cross-section consisting of 1,004 adults. The survey’s overall margin of error was +3.1%.

Survey respondents stated that U.S. Energy Independence was the most desirable when compared to increasing fuel efficiency, reducing population and emissions, and keeping the fuel costs low. Forty-three percent of respondents felt that the most important goal of the U.S. energy policy should be to reduce dependence on foreign oil. Other responses to that question were improving the fuel efficiency of vehicles (20%), reducing pollution and harmful emissions (19%), and keeping fuel costs low (15%). Seventy-nine percent of respondents considered the advances in automotive technology to be “absolutely critical” or “very important.”

Many Americans favored continued partnerships between government and industry. In fact, 65% of Americans believed that the U.S. government should make a significant funding commitment in order to convert the auto industry from gasoline-based to a hydrogen-based system. Currently, the U.S. Department of Energy has been actively collaborating with GM as well as several corporate and research partners to enhance technology in order to support a hydrogen-based fuel economy. GM is dedicated to an advanced technology strategy for improving efficiency.

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