In the Spirit of the Olympics — Cyclists Jeff Niermeyer and Marc Wangsgard stopped at the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) carrying a message promoting peace, youth, and the environment. The message has traveled from Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and will be delivered to Mayor Sergio Chiamparino of Torino, Italy.

WVU bike team

Global Message bikers, Jeff Niermeyer and Marc Wangsgard, WVU bike team, and Al Ebron, NAFTC Executive Director

The sharing of a message from the mayor of the city that hosted the last summer Olympics to the mayor of the next host city has become a tradition. The messages are delivered using minimal or no fossil fuel. Two virtually zero emission Honda sedans, a Civic GX powered by natural gas, and a Civic Hybrid Electric are serving as support vehicles for the volunteer cyclists.

Honda Civic GX Natural Gas

The Honda Civic GX, powered by Natural Gas, was refueled at the NAFTC Headquarters.

The NAFTC refueled the NGV at WVU as a service to the mission. The cyclists also received an emotional boost from WVU – The Mountaineer Cycling Team escorted Niermeyer and Wangsgard part of the way to their next stop.

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