A recent incident in Connecticut brought an interesting problem with the use of waste vegetable oil (WVO) as a fuel for diesels!

A Connecticut man’s 1981 VW Diesel was recently attacked by a bear which shattered the window of his Rabbit in order to gain access to the tank containing WVO. The bear apparently chewed through the hoses connected to the tank in order to drink the tasty fry oil. The incident was investigated by state officials who concluded that the attack was perpetrated by a bear based on the muddy paw prints on the vehicle and a puddle of the WVO on the floor.

Officials advised the greasecar diesel driver to fill a balloon with water and ammonia and then cover it with WVO. The balloon should then be placed on the car so that the hungry bear will break it open and be treated to the ammonia. The Connecticut EPA believes this will discourage the bear from further interest in greasecar diesel vehicles!

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