Owning and operating the worlds cleanest production passenger car has been made easier, at least for residents of California.

Honda and fuel Maker have introduced the Honda GX-Phill partnership this Spring.

The Honda GX, a natural gas powered version of the popular Civic, is widely considered to be “the greenest vehicle on Earth” due to its very clean burning natural gas engine.

Home Refueling Appliance

Photo Courtesy of FuelMaker

The Phill is a small, wall mounted home refueling appliance that can be used indoors or out and permits overnight (about 8 hours) refueling of the GX at home or from any location that has access to a standard natural gas connection.

Honda now offers the new Civic GX and a wall mounted Phill as a package. Total price of the car and fueling appliance is around $23,000.

Benefits of GX & Phill ownership by California consumers include access to HOVL (high occupancy vehicle lanes) in many parts of the state, reduced fuel costs and ease of refueling, free parking in many municipal parking lots including those in Los Angeles, San Jose and Santa Moinica and finally the knowledge that driving a GX instead of a conventional passenger car means reducing vehicle emissions by over 70% as well as achieving a 20% reduction in CO2! The current model GX is certified as an AT-PZEV vehicle.

Fuel Maker is a Canadian based corporation that has specialized in the manufacture of natural gas VRA’s (vehicle refueling appliances) since its founding in 1989. To date, over 8000 VRA’s have been produced and sold worldwide. The Fuel Maker design is certified for consumer use by the United States, Canada, Japan, the European Union and many other countries.

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