Industry Headlines

Special Report: Electric Vehicles Are Fastest-Moving Vehicles On Used Car Lots

September 2016 - IH SR

Used car salespeople make their money by buying pre-owned cars and selling them – as quickly as possible. The longer a car sits on the lot without a sale, the less money the seller makes. A recent report from shows that their eyes should light up when someone drives an electric vehicle onto their lot for sale. Read full story.

BMW, Volkswagen, and ChargePoint Open DC Fast-charging Corridors

September 2016 - IH 1

Last year, BMW and Volkswagen partnered with ChargePoint, an operator of electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S., with the goal of installing almost 100 high-speed charging stations for various electric vehicle brands along heavy-traffic routes. These charging stations are now open along two of the busiest stretches of highway in the country: the Northeast Corridor (along I-95) and the West Coast (on I-5 and Highway 101).

2017 Chevy Bolt Range Estimated at 238 Miles

September 2016 - IH 2

Chevrolet announced recently that its 2017 Bolt EV has achieved a federally tested range of 238 miles per charge. That number is enough to travel, in theory, from Riverside, California to Las Vegas or from New York to Washington DC without stopping to recharge.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Use Expected To Increase

September 2016 -IH 3

Recent reports have indicated that alternative fuel vehicle use will continue to grow. Information Trends recently reported that they anticipate over 20 million hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be sold cumulatively worldwide by 2032. A separate report from Navigant Research states that they expect 40 million light-duty natural gas vehicles will be on roads worldwide by 2025.

NAFTC Updates

In the past few weeks the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) traveled to six states to conduct alternative fuel vehicle training for automotive technicians and first responders.

September 2016 - TR 1

The NAFTC conducted First Responder Safety Train-the-Trainer sessions at Jackson County Learning Center (Indiana), Austin Community College (Texas), Oklahoma City Community College (Oklahoma), and at Pulaski Technical College (Arkansas). The trainings were hosted by the Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance, Tulsa Clean Cities, and Arkansas Clean Cities, respectively.

September 2016 - TR 2

The series of Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training sessions continued at ICOM North America in Michigan. The training was once again funded by the Propane Education & Research Council and was free to participants. The final free propane training of 2016 will be held in October at Lawson State Community College, in Bessemer, Alabama.

September 2016 - TR

Rounding out this month’s busy calendar, Louisiana Clean Fuels invited the NAFTC to conduct a Compressed Natural Gas Fuel System Inspector Training on September 7 and 8 at Baton Rouge Community College. This was one of the first trainings conducted at this new training facility.

You can find information about upcoming NAFTC training sessions on the NAFTC Training Schedule. Or you can call the NAFTC at 304-293-7882 to schedule your preferred training at your location.